All News related to Nick Reed



Entered #3 in Choon 30 Dance Charts

Just one day after release my new track "Aptronym(Original Mix)" entered the Choon Top 30 Dance Weekly Charts - Selected by Marco Svarda.




Aptronym(Original Mix) out on Choon

My new track Aptronym is out exclusively on Choon and it became most played track right from the start. There's also a great article on Choontrance.




Onyxis #1 on Choon

Out of nowhere "Onyxis(Original Mix)" just took #1 in the Choon Daily Top Tracks. Amazing




1st ever Article

Today the 1st Article about Nick Reed was published by Dave Ronald aka wav-DR. This came way earlier than expected.




1st ever Remix

The very talented Norsez has send his Remix for Onyxis today. This is the first time another artist remixed a Nick Reed Track. It made it to be one of the hottest new Tracks on Choon,





Darude promoting Ocellated

WOW!!! Darude just promoted one of my tracks. Great step forward to be noticed by such a legend



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