My new Track "Aptronym(Original Mix)" is now available for anyone to remix. All you gotta do is sign up on Choon (link is below) and download the STEMS and MIDI.

Once finished you send the mixed and mastered .wav file to:

Royalties will be shared at a fixed 50/50 split. A very excellent remix might get an extra 10% from me but this has to be a high quality remix that shows a lot of creativity.

Have fun

Nick Reed

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Remix Competition for "Onyxis(Original Mix)" is now

closed. Winning tracks are as follows:


1st: Norsez Bangkok Dara Remix 85% Split

2nd: Ibiza Sunset Mix & wav-Dr Remix 70% Split

3rd: Hams Acid Remix  60% Split

Congratulations to everyone


Track will remain available for Remix. 50/50 share on royalties via Choon the amazing streaming platform that makes all of this possible.


Please send the mixed and mastered WAV file to:

with the subject "Onyxis Remix". Please also provide proper

file naming and a link to your Choon artist profile so I can set up the

smart contract.

Email me::